Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple's Upcoming Tablet: Hope for my Reading Life!

I'm really excited about the possibilities of the Apple tablet that's supposed to be unveiled later this month. I haven't been able to read much of anything other than quick-read graphic novels or online stuff I can pump up to 20+ font. My severe allergy/sensitivities to anything ON MY FACE means I've had to give up (mostly) using reading glasses and wearing earrings. I turn into an oozing alligator.

The LASIK helped a lot, as I didn't have to wear glasses every waking moment to sese. I only need them to read, basically, or do close work (threading needles, filing nails, pedicure, etc). My face has healed a lot, therefore, from the mess it was from my glasses. I still have hyperpigmented and scaly-prone, redness-prone areas, but they aren't in critical condition like they used to be. If I read the paper for a few minutes in the AM, I'll have red and itchy bits on the bridge of my nose and upper cheeks, but I moisturize and use redness relief stuff till it calms.

So, yeah. Can't really read novels much.

It gets tiresome, too, reading on the computer, since I can't lie down or lie on my tummy or recline comfortably.

I'll definitely keep my eye on that tablet. My Sony Reader is okay, but it has a limited largeness to the font and it's a small screen. Kindle's is bigger, but, eh, I trust Apple to make a better, more flexible product. Mostly, I need bigger. BIGGER.

If that doesn't work out, I'll invest in a 13 inch computer, the lightest and best my budget will allow, in order to be able to read again--though that means rebuying books in e-formats. Which is costly. You'd think they were still consuming ink, paper, fuel, and warehousing space with what they charge for e-books. Dang.

Anyway, please, Apple, rescue my reading life. I miss snuggling up with a novel...

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David Meigs said...

I know exactly what you mean. Not being able to read like I used to is kind of like losing a best friend. And I used to read a book a day. These days, if I can't get the audio book version, I try to get them in PDF, or one of the other e-book formats.

Go Apple! I'm saving up for an iPad. :-)

Bless you, my friend.

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