Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple's Upcoming Tablet: Hope for my Reading Life!

I'm really excited about the possibilities of the Apple tablet that's supposed to be unveiled later this month. I haven't been able to read much of anything other than quick-read graphic novels or online stuff I can pump up to 20+ font. My severe allergy/sensitivities to anything ON MY FACE means I've had to give up (mostly) using reading glasses and wearing earrings. I turn into an oozing alligator.

The LASIK helped a lot, as I didn't have to wear glasses every waking moment to sese. I only need them to read, basically, or do close work (threading needles, filing nails, pedicure, etc). My face has healed a lot, therefore, from the mess it was from my glasses. I still have hyperpigmented and scaly-prone, redness-prone areas, but they aren't in critical condition like they used to be. If I read the paper for a few minutes in the AM, I'll have red and itchy bits on the bridge of my nose and upper cheeks, but I moisturize and use redness relief stuff till it calms.

So, yeah. Can't really read novels much.

It gets tiresome, too, reading on the computer, since I can't lie down or lie on my tummy or recline comfortably.

I'll definitely keep my eye on that tablet. My Sony Reader is okay, but it has a limited largeness to the font and it's a small screen. Kindle's is bigger, but, eh, I trust Apple to make a better, more flexible product. Mostly, I need bigger. BIGGER.

If that doesn't work out, I'll invest in a 13 inch computer, the lightest and best my budget will allow, in order to be able to read again--though that means rebuying books in e-formats. Which is costly. You'd think they were still consuming ink, paper, fuel, and warehousing space with what they charge for e-books. Dang.

Anyway, please, Apple, rescue my reading life. I miss snuggling up with a novel...

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Shatner Sighting

So, hubby is at the LotusSphere 2010 event (and making a presentation for RIM), and the first email I get is: "Shatner is here!"

My reply: "Cool. Take pics."

I gather the original Cap'n was a surprise keynote guest.

Ah, I miss the hubster. Hope he brings some nice freebies. I'm still using the lunchbag he got last year for his "brown bagging".

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Relief: Good Charities For Your Donation

I know I haven't been blogging. I started dipping into a depression late last year, and frankly, I've been an emotional slug, avoiding most human contact. Not good, I know.

But even a slug can't help but be moved by the awfulness going on to the south.

If you have wanted to give to the relief effort aiding suffering Haitians, but you've wondered through which organization, be careful. To be sure, there are many, but not all are created equal. Some are scams. Always check out to whom you send your cc info or check.

I've donated to Haiti charity work in the past, and I kept an ear to the grapevine back when Katrina and other hurricanes hit in our nation. As a reasult,  I know some charities respond faster and better than others.

For instance, I read lots of reports of the poor work done post-Katrina by a very famous emergency charity. As such, I stopped giving to them. On the other hand, I heard as many positive remarks from a variety of victims on the work done by Samaritan's Purse and NAMB, so I trust those two for emergency aid locally and internationally.

For Haiti, I wanted to support a charity that already had ties and connections with local communities/churches/folk in Haiti. I chose to donate to the North American Mission Board's disaster relief specifically tagged for Haiti Earthquake aid. Every penny goes to the relief, none to administrative.

But I almost went with World Vision or Samaritan's Purse. Doctors without Borders is a good one, as well. All these are rated 4 stars (top rating) by Charity Navigator.

If you don't have a favorite emergency aid charity you trust, consider one of these:

World Vision (Christian, non-denom)
NAMB (Southern Baptist)
Samaritan's Purse (Christian)
Doctors Without Borders (secular)

Or check out this list at the Charity Navigator site.

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