Saturday, May 16, 2009

J-Rock Video The Mir's Digging: Gackt - GHOST English Subtitles

Okay, my current fave video/song from the J-Rockers. And Gackt is very easy on the eyes on this one, where he actually looks like a guy, not one of his androgynous he-she-ish looks. Some of the translated lyrics don't make sense (Embrace your shortened frame?), but who cares. Sounds good, looks good, catchy, and trying to sing the Japanese parts is fun. Thanks to Purinboshi on for the translation.

Cool Matrix-meets-America's Best Dance Crew choreography.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Interesting blog entry on "Christian Fantasy"

A nibble:
So I think we want to keep that in mind–that Christian writing to a non-Christian world view is, at best, often just neutral. There is an increasing divide between Christian and non-Christian thinking, and translation is needed.

So our world view has to be backed up and anchored effectively to reality, and relying on the pop culture’s thirst for clear-cut heroism is probably not sufficient. Winds change. God doesn’t.

Also, what’s being done with Christian fantasy today is reinvention and revision, not direct challenge on the genre’s own grounds. It’s taking the same Gospel story, still without showing non-believers any realistic background for it, and just retelling the same thing over again.

Read it here.

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