Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wouldn't Be Surprised if the Swine Flu Felled Me

But I won't know for sure as I never went to the doc.

Don't think I'm nuts. Recently, my doc and I talked about the possibility of my getting the flu shot, as I'm in one of the high-risk groups (chronic respiratory issues, immune issues). We made sure I was well-stocked with my respiratory Rx's to prepare for flu season.

When I came down with the sore throat/chills followed by sweats/mega-phlegm/congestion/fatigue/puking from hard coughing, I was all set at home with my asthma and allergy meds, my nebulizer meds and machine set-up, dreaded Sudafed, and etc I just needed hubby to get me expectorant--and later cough suppressant and expectorant, when I went nearly two days without sleeping cause the coughing would not cease long enough for me to doze off--and plenty of juices and smoothies, which is made easier with Jamba Juice and Julio's Natural Foods nearby. Papaya with soymilk and Mango with soymilk are very yummy, and Blackberry Bliss and fresh OJ are always a sweet treat for the sickly. If you can get it, tamarind water (Mexican or Caribbean style) is tasty. Fresh, real lemonade has Vitamin C.

I've also had enough onion soup from Gourmet Diner and matzoh ball soup from Roasters N Toasters to give birth to an onion-scented chicken with cheese breath.

Nine days after first getting symptoms, I still feel like crap, still am coughing so much I have very little voice left, am sore anywhere I have muscles that aid in coughing/breathing, and still have enough phlegm and snot to drown a small village, which is a vast improvement over the tsunami of plegm and snot that could have swamped Texas. I'm alive. So far, miserable, but making wee progress.

I do miss my twice-weekly Pilates sessions. Ah, well.

Just saw a Google news linked article with a recommendation that people with the flu stay at home and treat it themselves--ie, call their doc while avoiding ER or doc's office. Makes sense if we want to contain the spread. I even warn the UPS and FED EX guys, who have been delivering super-strong manly tissues in bulk quantities (thank you amazon) and reading material to me, to disinfect their pens thingie and hands. If they don't, what can I say? Their bad.

If I hadn't taken precautions, I'd have had to hit the urgent care, especially after sleeping nearly-sitting-up for four hours on one side (the lesser congested one) made one leg swell up, then I forced myself to switch sides and then had that leg swell up (from the pressure on my hip, I'm guessing, in that weird propped up position). Just in case, I'm downing cherry concentrate and coconut water for the blood thinning salicylates and excess fluid removing Potassium (those soups are salty!)

I hope to be able to sleep lying down soon. :) Would be nice...

So, yeah, figure I got flu-ed, and that after managing to avoid a cold or bronchitis for over two years (did have bad asthma flare-ups, but that's not going away). I hope and pray you don't catch this bug.

Although, really, the Hong Kong flu was so much worse. I am convinced that I was close to being a fatality that time. My dad and mom got so scared, my dad carried me (and at 9 years old, I wasn't lightweight) through snow-covered South Bronx streets, with my mom following behind to catch my boots as they slipped off my limp feet. I couldn't have walked if they'd promised me a lake full of chocolate egg cream. I remember her face. She was worried, my stoic mom, bending down to pick up my boots. I remember the series of injections--five in all-- that hurt like heck, but kept my airways open.

Anyway, don't catch this. It sucks really hard and there are folks dying from it. Wash your hands. Carry hand disinfectant. Don't go to work or school if you have some bug. Be considerate.

Or as I tell my husband nowadays--and yeah, I got it from him, and he probably got it at work--"Think like Monk. Be Monk." And then hand him alcohol wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer and paper towels, the latter so he won't directly touch doorknobs.

I don't want another one of these things.

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Selena said...

Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.