Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Very Cool: The Drum Song -- Adjoa Skinner Video

The Drum Song - Adjoa Skinner from Charlie peacock on Vimeo.

For those of you attending the Mt Hermon conference next year--and I know several of my ACFW pals really love this conference-- you may have heard the keynote speaker is gonna be Charlie Peacock. Christians of my age (ahem, almost 50) will be familiar with the name of Charlie Peacock from his CCM music. Well, he produced this lovely little music video. (Marginally related: Check out this Q&A with Peacock's missus, who clearly has developed her gift of hospitality to an art. Makes me wish I could eat at her supper table!)

Ms Skinner gives a really pleasing performance--from the beauty of her own self, lovely and graceful of face and form and movement--to the simple prettiness of the set, to the simple pleasure of the song accompanied only by that shaker-clacker thing (dunno the actual name) and the drum (small, African type whose name I also don't know). Find more of her on YouTube.


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