Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Stankorank reality ho-fests stay on the air, but a drama with astronauts--including one "of the faith"-- that was hinting at coolness to come gets cancelled.

Sucks, people. Sucks.

I'd have rather seen DOLLHOUSE sacked. (And know that I'm scratching my head into a festering landscape at the fact that FIREFLY got cancelled but DOLLHOSUE got picked up for season two. Huh? Huh? :::scritch, scritch:::)

At least I still have BONES and CASTLE and BIG BANG THEORY (which I have to find a way to watch since they moved it from 8pm, dangit) and LIES and DROP DEAD DIVA (for now) and can hope that FLASH FORWARD is not gonna let me down too much, since they already de-emphasized science in favor of the cops aspect. (Love Mr. Cho and the dude who was Steve in COUPLING, though, and I'm always happy to see one of the Fiennes brothers.)

And HOUSE recaptured me after losing me post  Amber's death. The time in the mental facility and the program asking if a doctor should labor to save a genocidal tyrant's life rehooked me.

If TV just stinks, though, I can always watch free anime online. :D
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Selena said...

I agree, Mir. I find it so frustrating and depressing that good TV can't stay on the air, while piles of reality TV makes it.

I was sad to hear that Defying Gravity was cancelled. I also miss Eli Stone and Pushing Daises. I am consoling myself that Bones, Castle, and Big Bang Theory are still on the air. (In fact, I can't stop laughing about that scene on BBT where Sheldon was training Penny with rewards of chocolate. Hahaha. So Sheldon!)

I guess reality TV is just so much cheaper to make. Grr.