Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There weeks...stupid flu still not gone

I'm past most of it, I'm sure. The goop is 80% reduced. But the fatigue seems to want to linger. I could hardly read the paper yesterday, as it was hard to hold it up to my face. My arms would just wimp out. And it's not like I have weak arms. I've got a year plus of 2 to 3 times a week of strength training with a personal trainer under my belt (and above it). But there you go. Mean germie.

Today, I had enough energy to shave in the shower and blow-dry my hair, before I had to sit down and take a rest. Progress!

My face shows I'm getting better. I no longer look like a gray-faced ghoul with crazy hair that needs a nap. My torn up lips (from coughing, wiping lips, etc) are healing up, thanks to lots of vaseline and lip gloss.

I can afford to rest and get over this as no one depends on me for their daily care anymore (with both parents gone, with hubby self-sufficient and attentive). How do single moms or dads who have to look after others no matter what manage to get through a bout of swine flu? Dang.

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