Friday, October 30, 2009

SUPERNATURAL Last Night: Cool He-Witch and a Hunk from the Past...and fear of aging...

I haven't been watching SUPERNATURAL faithfully. Sometimes Sam and Dean annoy the heck outta me, sometimes I like them. So, spotty viewing is the result.

Plus, the angels acting so dorkily really annoyed me, even though I loved Castiel's first rumply appearance.

Still, I watched last night and I enjoyed the episode with the "gambling for years" Irish he-witch, Patrick. And no, it's not just that the Patrick was a hottie, though he was, in that sort of "I'm not pretty, but I'm cool and, hey, listen to this sexy accent of mine" way. What I liked best, though, was that he had his shades of dark and light. He seemed as if he might be a ruthless gambler at first meeting, but then you saw that he was fair (which we could have gleaned from the opening minutes, as he did let a guy regain his youth, after all, fair and square). He was able to really love, and really feel loss. He wasn't homicidal, though he'd sanguinely take 50 years of one's life if one were stupid enough to gamble them away.

So a villain with his honor code, and really, rather sympathetic by the end.

And with Dean getting a solid dose of what it feels to be old and achey, ie Bobby, well, there's a good lesson there for the younger hunter. As a gal bullseyeing toward fifty, boy, did I sympathize with the pangs and pains of aging. The running cheeseburger gag holds all sorts of horrors for a gal like me that does have to get cholesterol tested regularly. Aging sucks. (On the plus side, this episode made it easy for me to stick to grilled chicken and salad and green tea for supper last night.)

How nice to see Chad Everett, btw. I was just into puberty when I had a mad, mad crush on him as the clogs-wearing, too-too-good looking doc on MEDICAL CENTER. The years have been creasingly, crinkly rough on Chad's once-gorgeous exterior, but you can still see he was a hunk once, under all those age lines. (Okay, I really need to stop thinking about aging.) :::mad dash for the moisturizer:::

It's a flawed show, SUPERNATURAL is, but occasionally, it's fun to tune in and see what they're up to. And I can always appreciate an attractive man with a Celtic accent or a bit of nostalgia.

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