Saturday, October 03, 2009

If You've Got the Moolah & The Passion to Write SF, Consider a Mentorship with Nalo Hopkinson

In recent weeks, the part of me that misses writing is making itself very, very noisy. I've not written in almost 2 years, and I feel the void. I know my neuroses are a beeyotch, and my fears are obstacles, and my sense of just not being good enough, no matter what X editor or Y writer or Z chum says, is this wall in front of my face.

But reading about the mentorships available with Nalo sure made me want to write again.

Not that I think she'd want to mentor me, mind you, as I'm a pretty traditional Cuban gal, but I do admire her talent and her passion. And I sympathize with her health situation, as I also have my chronic ills that sap my energy and cause me to have to restructure my life and activities. Well, and we were both born in Caribbean nations, but immigrated North to English-speaking lands, now that I think about it.

So, back to the mentorships: If you have a passion for literature, good writing skills (grammar, sentence structure, etc), are writng SF, figure you are simpatico with Ms. Hopkinson as a person (she talks about herself in the info page for the mentorship), and you've got $2000 for the non-refundable mentorship fee that covers 3 months of email-facilitated mentoring/critique, well, check out this info.

But hurry. Applications will be accepted only through the deadline of October 5th. Mentoring begins October 15th.

And if you're not interested in mentoring, but have a ton of cash lying around (or just a big unused pile) and want to support a scholarship for one of her mentorees, you can do that, too.

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Nalo said...

Thanks for helping me get the word out! People don't have to try to figure out the simpatico part for me; I'm talking about my personal reaction to their writing, not to their religious beliefs or what configuration of person they're attracted to. Best of luck with your own writing, too. The field needs more of us.

Mirtika said...

Oh, thank you for clarifying that, Nalo. :) And I hope you get more scholarship monies, too. It's a tough economy for so many, and I'm sure 2K is a struggle for many interested in writing SF. But the five you pick will surely be a fortunate lot. :)