Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Can TLC Please Pull the Plug FOREVER On "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" or "Kate Plus Eight" or Any Variation Thereof!!??? PLEASE!!!!!

I long for the day when I never see the faces of these people again, especially the big, steaming pile that is Jon Gosselin.

Please, TLC, I beg of you, cancel this show and let these people raise their kids in private. Please, no more deals. I'm sure they've made enough over the years to put in their kids' names to send them to college. Do us all a favor and force Jon to support his kids the old-fashioned way: by working. Let's see how much time he has to be a playboy/media-ho when he's gotta work 14 hours a day.

Make them go away!

Folks, go here to ask TLC to pull the plug forever on this media circus that has gotta be doing some weird stuff to those kiddies.

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