Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour: THE VANISHING SCULPTOR

September's featured book for the CSFF blog tour is Donita Paul's The Vanishing Sculptor. Donita is well-known to our tour and Christian fantasy readers for her successful series of Dragonkeeper novels.

I have to admit that The Vanishing Sculptor reads too young for me. I gave up at about page 12. I'm one of those readers who needs some intense conflict, super weird happening, heart-grabby event, snappy dialogue pretty fast. Something really quirky or dark or horrifying or exciting needs to hit me FAST, or a big odd puzzler. I don't generally go for gentler reads. And this has a gentler tone and younger aspect than I prefer. My attention span is lessening with each month, I think. Dang me.

Considering I get big, red, painful, oozy bumps on my face from reading glasses, a book has to fit the Mir-mode for me to risk facial woes, and while I like the premise of this story a lot, the tone and pace just didn't pass the "Should I risk gross scaly-itchy-oozy patches for this?" test. Sorry. I feel bad. :(

However, I think that if you have a young adult fantasy fan in your home, this might suit them to a tee. You know with Donita that you won't have something offending your youngun (or you), and there will be fantastical elements that are sure to please younger readers--talking birds and dragons and a resourceful, youthful protagonist.

Do visit Donita's blog and say hi.. And look around her site, as you'll find all sorts of stuff, including her testimony, games, and a shop to buy t-shirts and mugs with dragony stuff. And buy the book!

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