Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ebook for a Buck: WINTERBIRTH

Throughout April, you can download a fantasy novel by Brian Ruckley for a dollar: WINTERBIRTH. PW gave the novel a starred review, and here's a snippet of it:

Scottish author Ruckley's outstanding fantasy debut, the first installment of the Godless World trilogy, introduces a sprawling realm abandoned by the gods after two races united to destroy a third. The peoples left behind struggle with centuries-old prejudices and unresolved conflicts that threaten to destroy them all. The start of winter is traditionally a time of celebration, but when the elflike Kyrinin and religious fanatics called Inkallim interrupt the festivities at Castle Kolglas with a masterfully planned attack, the bloodshed is just the first move in an apocalyptic war that won't end until the world itself is unmade...(Sept.)
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Available on Kindle, Sony Reader, and from booksonboard.

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