Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whedon's DOLLHOUSE Tomorrow, And I wish I Was More Excited About It

Okay, it's no secret I'm gonna tune in to watch a show Joss Whedon's behind. It could be named Crappiest Show Ever and I would at least give it a fair viewing. Joss has cred with me. He earned it with the triple-crown fabulosity of Buffy/Angel/Firefly. And then he put a sceptre on it with SERENITY.

But tomorrow's debut of Dollhouse has me, well, skeptical. First off, I don't like Eliza Dushku. She was the least interesting and least appealing actress in the Buffy roster. She just didn't act anywhere near as well as the rest of that terrific crew. I was delighted when her character got locked up. :)

Really, I don't get why Whedon is so into Eliza Dushku. Maybe he harbors a crush on her or something. She's cute, sure, but man, is she a not-so-great actress. She was sort of one-note and annoying as Faith (which is fine, she wasn't on that much, so she could be annoying and not ruin either show, although I wouldn't have minded seeing her get snapped in two in the Buffy finale Big Fight). She was wooden and bland on Tru Calling, too, where she was the lead, a show through which I could not sit, not even once, though I tried to three times before calling it an "out."

When I heard she was cast as the lead in Dollhouse, I had that sinking feeling in the tummy.

But I kept the hope when I heard the terrific Amy Acker would be in the cast as well, she who rocked as resourceful nerd Fred on Angel, and rocked even harder as Illyria, all blue and spectacular. I also like Olivia Williams, also in the cast. So, there's hope.

Second: The promos sucked. Nothing in those promos I saw made me tingle with anticipation. On the contrary, more sinky tum-tum.

I will try to ignore the promos and the bad review in my local paper today, and just watch the show tomorrow, trusting--nay, hoping--that some of the Whedon magic rises like stardust, enough to coat with much sparkliness the dullness that is Dushku's acting.

Anyone else planning to watch? Anyone else let down to see Dushku in the lead?

Oh, and if does suck, there's always this.

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