Friday, February 06, 2009

Something's Fishy With Octuplets Mom

Okay, I'm about to get really snide.

Saw a video interview with the woman who had octuplets after having sextuplets. Now, I'd like to preface this with: If you have enough moolah to support a dozen plus kids, then knock yourself out. I think big families are pretty cool. If mom and dad and the extended family can deal with a big brood without asking taxpayers to fund their DNA largesse, by all means.

But the second you start taking money, ie subsidizing your large family, WITH MY MONEY, I'm not happy.

This dame is on some sort of dole--worker's comp? disability? Excuse me. She can't work, but she can carry octuplets and sextuplets? Really?

And who paid for the IVF? That can't be cheap. If she wasn't working, did she have insurance? If not, then who paid?

Also, she's on disability and can afford plastic surgery?! Look at her face, to me, that's a noticeable nose job, uber lip job, possible cheek job, Botox (for sure!) and maybe other cosmetic procedures, who knows? She's definitely done to my eye.

(Wild speculation online is that she might have been emulating Angelina Jolie in looks and reproductively. I can actually even believe that. Sounds psycho enough.)

And she's been living with the parents, or they've been living with her, whatever--probably off them, too, not just with them--who themselves declared bankruptcy on a huge debt recently. And all this in a three bedroom home. Three adults and fourteen kids in a three bedroom. Ouch.

My cynical side can't help wondering if Nadya Suleman decided that having a ton of kids would mean a fortune for her. She's surely seeking lucrative offers now. But if there is a clue as to who will be paying for the care of those kids (including the millions that prenatal care and ongoing care for health issues, common with high-number births), it's the taxpayers:

Nadya Suleman, who describes herself as a “professional student” living off education grants and parental money, broke up with her boyfriend before the birth of her first child seven years ago.

Education grants. Disability of about $170,000 since 2001. Yeah. Get ready Californios. This bill is just starting.

Personally, I hope she doesn't get a single deal--not book, film, or corporate sponsor. I hope she gets to look straight up at what bed she made for herself, and the sleeping upon it is hard and fitful for many years to come.

I am feeling really no warm fuzzies for her. (The kids, they get fuzzies from me. Too bad their mom is, well, their mom.)

I suggest legislation to prevent future Nadya Sulemans doing their thang, one that requires a couple things before doctors do their fertility treatments: a psych exam and a means test. Is this person sane and having kids for non-compulsive or pathological reasons, and can this person or couple afford the multiple children that may result and have the insurance to pay for the medical treatments, pre and during and post. Maybe even proof of sufficient housing (plenty of rooms) and some savings (in case one parent has to take the sleep loss to care for the babes). Nutjobs and slackers and those without the resources for a huge brood should be turned away.

This case has me really ticked off. And I think this lady needs to be investigated. If the state picked up the tab for all that neonatal care, then she needs to cough up her future cosmetic surgery kitty and hand it over. If she gets a book deal/film deal, I suggest that any medical expenses that were picked up by the state or feds be repaid before Ms. Octuplets Mom gets her shots of collagen.


Update: Granma speaks out. And it's not pretty.

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