Wednesday, February 11, 2009

READ OR DIE: A Fun Anime with a Delightful Bibliophile Superheroine

Yomiko Readman would be ME if I had superpowers and wasn't middle-aged and fat. And if I hadn't had Lasik. And if I was Japanese. :) She has black hair, lives in a clutter of books, loves to read, gets all hyperventilatey around rare tomes, hangs out in libraries, and carries a large accessory (the better to carry books, my dear).

Okay, so me back when I was her age....and if I was Japanese. :)

(I actually own a case very similar to Yomiko's!)

When Yomiko has her "I'm having a book orgasm" moments, I totally, totally empathize. Been there, done that, loads of times. My husband has witnessed the euphoria and can testify to the rush of endorphins that walking into a bookstore, library, or just seeing a pic of a great libary in some manor house sends me into oohs and aaaaaaaaaahs and I get all woozy.

No, really. My husband spent the first few scenes of this anime snickering and saying, "Not that that reminds me of anyone." :::throat clearing::::


This is a three part anime--although this isn't the only part of this story, as there is another series-- where, as sometimes happens with SF-action anime I've seen in the last couple months, the plot itself is rather weird and doesn't make total sense, but the action, inventiveness and animation are terrific and the fun factor is high.

In this one: cloned notables of the past, a powerful organization (helmed by some British blond dude who mostly says little useful and sits a lot looking stoic or frustrated while the superpeops under him do all the work) called the British Libary Special Engineering Force, a big threat to the world, useless Americans (and a cheap shot in the president who keeps falling to the floor and pissing his pants), and my newest fave superheroine--Agent Paper, also just called The Paper. She's in "manuscript retrieval" work.

She be cool.

Young, glasses, bookwormy, dowdy, sweet, slightly distracted, carrying her big briefcase/suitcase all over the place, with the ability to make paper (from books, bookmarks, money, any form) do her bidding, becoming shield or weapon as needed. How much do I love this? I want this power!!!

If you haven't seen READ OR DIE, go rent it. Such fun. Leave logic aside and just enjoy The Paper and the visuals.


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