Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quote for a Sunday: Needing Revival

Clearly there is a great need for revival in our churches, both locally and in the American church at large. However, the reason we aren’t experiencing revival is that we don’t see ourselves as sinful, but rather as basically “good” Christians, or at least “good enough” Christians. It is as Leonard Ravenhill wrote several decades ago: “The reason we don’t have revival is that we are content to live without it.”

It is time for us see the need for revival, and to increase our discontentment with the common brand of so-called Christianity that neither glorifies God nor spreads the gospel to unbelievers. It is clear from Scripture that God is waiting for a great and desperate outcry from His people, not just the impatient demands of a few of his lukewarm sheep. I shudder to think what it may take to cause that cry.
--from "The Need For Revival" by John Roberts

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