Friday, February 13, 2009

Octomom Opera Gets Even Soapier

The soap opera continues, with Octomom Nadya Suleman creeping out Angelina Jolie--that cannot be easy to do, either--then being called a fibber by a Calvary Chapel church, and putting a gag order on her own mother--a woman bankrupted and made haggard by the actions of her daughter--for selling her side of the story. Excuse me, but isn't Octomom herself trying to sell her story to any and all high bidders? Word is that her publicist asked the media for bids to start at 1.2 million, and that was when Oprah and others just walked out. Gag yourself first, lady!

Oh, and the Wii gaming system comes into "play," too. Sorta.

And there they are, those beautiful wee babies who have this wacko mother to look forward to. How scary and depressing is that? Man...I want to scoop up the octoplets and run and hide them!

Call me a beeyotch, but I hope the octuplets are taken from this loon and placed with adoptive families who will give them loving, sane, responsible upbringings away from the media glare or the horror of reality show displays.

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