Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Happy Mir Mouth: My Technivorm MoccaMaster Is Here...and it Rocks!

I am now the proud owner of one of the dorkiest looking coffeemakers on the planet, a Technivorm Moccamaster with the Thermal jug. No, it ain't purdy. But as soon as UPS handed it over, I dropped everything to set it up, get it ready, and make my first cup. (Well, after I set up the Barratza burr grinder and figured that one out.)

I will add that the instructions are as dorky as the Technivorm. They really need to work on that. And it does have a sort of flimsy look to the plastic pieces. It definitely seems less a handmade quality coffeemaker and more a jerry-rigged mad scientist contraption for impromptu laboratory beverage-making. Someone with a Steve-Jobsian eye for aesthetics needs to go work at the Technivorm company. :)

Anyhow, I decided to deflower my Technivorm with the Indonesia Lintong (Sumatra) from Terroir Coffee. I hauled out one of my special china cups, an elegant cream-colored one edged in 24K yellow gold, one of the pieces hubby and I inherited from my late MIL. I waited for the complete brew to pour into the thermal jug.

You probably heard me moan from all the way over there.

So smooth. So clean. Wow.

What a fabulous cuppa!

The Sumatra Lintong was the "roaster's choice" coffee that came in the bundle with the coffeemaker, and it actually has a sweet "candy" scent. (Maybe that's why it's described as having butterscotch notes. No kidding.) Coffee review gave it 94 out of 100 points. Oh, yeah. It's just too delicious. I'm looking forward to trying other lovely coffees from Terroir (I bought a Costa Rican and a Columbian, too).

Re the Technivorm: I didn't use the little trick I've seen discussed online about closing the filter so that the water pools for 30 seconds, then stirring, then allowing to drip normally. Apparently, this improves the flavor even more.

Me, I'm happy with it just dripping normally. But I may take the extra step one day when I'm less lazy.

Thumbs up on the ugly but wonderful Technivorm--which can evolve into a perfect coffeemaker given a touch of the pretties and better design touches for pouring, auto-off, materials, etc--thumbs up on the Barratza--which sorta takes up a lot of room in my wee-wee-weeeeee kitchen--and thumbs up on the sweet Terroir Sumatra Lintong. I purchased all these items through Terroir, in case any of y'all are tempted.

Happy Birthday to me! (Well, a few days early.)

Mmmmm. Gonna have another cup o' joy.

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