Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Checking in...

Well, it's been a tad frazzly here. Hubby got his lay-off notice, so he's been in a flurry of resume polishing, job applying, job interviewing, etc. He's got one very nice response, but it would mean relocating to the Pacific Northwest, and for a Miami gal with just about all her family hereabouts, that would be a wrenching thing. Plus, ugh, cold weather and higher cost of living.

My stress comes from the upheaval fears. I'm researching the different areas we may need to move to--housing, weather, education institutions, Hispanic presence, etc. And trying to figure out how to start organizing our gazillion bits of stuff for a move. I have compulsive hoarding issues (I'm not kidding, btw, it's absolutely true), so weeding out stuff is enough to send me tailspinning into an anxiety/depression cycle. Been praying like nobody's business. God is good. :) I haven't totally freaked yet.

I can't think too hard about trying to sell the homestead in a non-moving housing market down here. It's a buyer's market, but the buying is sluggish due to the economic picture/credit crunch/consumer anxiety. It would be icky to move and still have this place unsold. I just pray it will sell speedily and focus on what I gotta do now to make it more "sellable."

I'm pretty out of touch right now with all my usual online haunts, sorry. Hope you are all well and prospering and dazzlingly creative.