Monday, November 03, 2008

St. Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei,

“Why don’t you give yourself to God once and for all… really…, now?”--Saint Josemaría

I wasn't aware that the Opus Dei founder had been canonized. Just looked it up after hearing him referred to as "the blessed."

I don't know much about the fella, but I always thought the organization was much-maligned (and probably unjustly). The idea of sanctifying work seems to me very Biblical and beautiful.

Anyway, I happened upon a program with excerpts of him speaking publically, and I find him rivetting. His manner is very warm and appealing, his speech is accessible and eloquent, with a sort of playfulness and cheerfulness that I'm sure anti-Opus-Deites--those who imagine the dour and the self-flagellating and repressed filling the ranks-- would find surprising. Even on film, he radiates a love of God and of people that is palpable. I may not be Catholic (not for decades) anymore, but I could imagine myself having been very taken with him as a young Catholic girl and wanting to attend one of his appearances.

When you open the Holy Gospel, think that what is written there — the words and deeds of Christ — is something that you should not only know, but live.
Everything, every point that is told there, has been gathered, detail by detail, for you to make it come alive in the individual circumstances of your life.
—God has called us Catholics to follow him closely. In that holy Writing you will find the Life of Jesus, but you should also find your own life.
You too, like the Apostle, will learn to ask, full of love, “Lord, what would you have me do?...” And in your soul you will hear the conclusive answer, “The Will of God!”
Take up the Gospel every day, then, and read it and live it as a definite rule. This is what the saints have done.
--St JoseMaria

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

Consider reading more from St Josemaria...e.g., "Christ is passing by". See Scepter Press.

He's rekindled for me a love of the Sacraments that I never thought I'd have.

Two of my many favorite St Josemaria quotes are:

"When you go to pray, let this be a firm resolution: Don't prolong your prayer because you find consolation in it or shorten it because you find it dry."

And "out of 100 souls, we are interested in 100 of them".

checkout from time to time.

Visit the Blessed Sacrament one day at a local church...talking to the Lord as you would a Father.

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Here's a good summary message.

Mirtika said...

Thanks, anonymous.