Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Art Acquisition: A Wee Fairy Blessing called..."Hope"

From my most recent posts on things artsy, you must have seen this one coming. :)

Okay, I really wanted another piece, but my budget couldn't accomodate $325. But it could accomodate the much more modest piece (and price) called "Hope" by Sara Butcher. And it had a special connection to me. Earlier this year--and I thought I had blogged about it--God gave me "hope" as my word for the year. And it was very appropriate. I finally ditched a 4-year long depression. I started focusing on becoming healthier (and exercising!) Then hubby got laid off and hope remained buoyant (supernaturally). Then the economic crisis hit,and yet we hope to see great things happen for us and our nation.

And God has been good to me. He keeps hope alive in me for even better things, despite my natural tendency to be a freakasoid worrywart.

Here she is:

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