Monday, November 10, 2008

Luminous is now THE LUMINOUS SKY ...and they have a NEW CD!

Hoot and holler, peops!

Some time back, I wrote a detailed review of EXPOSING THE DARK by Luminous, a CCM cd that I just had on repeat for months! Loved it. Still love it.

Well, just got a heads up from the band that they have a new moniker--The Luminous Sky--and a new cd is done. Color me sooo excited. :)

You can sample the title track "Beautiful Revolution" at the band's site. Youtube has a sneak peak as well. Sounds promising to me! My cd player's repeat button better start warming up now.


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The-Luminous-Sky said...

Thank you so much for reviewing our new album. We just saw it recently. Thank you for your kind words and trying to spread the word about our music. It looks like this may be our last album. It is a tough business but we have loved every minute of it over the last 7 years while it lasted.
Natalie Bruce