Friday, November 14, 2008

Hottie Elf Alert: Prince Nuada

I posted this cause, well, Elven manliness and all, but also cause I really like this song: Mordred's Lullaby sung by Heather Dale.

The poisonous intent of Mordred's momma twisted her son, and Nuada, sadly, got all twisted up, too.

A baddie, but a hottie.

If you rent/buy the DVD, make sure to see the deleted full-length version of the scene of his spear dance. Niiice. (But Del Toro was right to edit out the "dancey" bits.)



Selena said...

Mir, Thanks for sharing. I have watched this video over and over. The song is brilliant. I've added it to my iTunes shopping cart.

I've never seen the movie the video clips are from. It's one of the Hellboy movies, I guess. They never seemed to be something I'd be interested in, but now I'm intrigued. Would you recommend the movies? Is the movie as wonderful as this video suggests?


Valerie Comer said...

Hey, Mir--I tagged you for a meme. You up for it? :)

Mirtika said...

Selena, the second Hellboy movie, from which the clips are, is far, far, far better than the first. The villain (Prince Nuada) is actually rather noble and sympathetic in his indignation (also embittered and tortured, which I like). He's no good guy, but he's nuanced. And well-done.

I really, really liked this Hellboy flick. It's cohesive, well-paced, and visually STUNNING (given it had half of what a blockbuster fantasy film these days runs for budget-wise). And it's got romance and humor and horror. It's a mix I like.

Valerie, maybe later in the week, babe. :D