Saturday, November 01, 2008

Election Day and Christian SF--Buy Marcher Lord Press Books, Get Freebies

From author/editor/publisher Jeff Gerke of Marcher Lord Press and Where the Map Ends:

On Election Day, November 4, between noon and midnight EST (GMT -5:00), we're going to have a book surge on Amazon (USA). If you're thinking of purchasing MLP books this month (you know, for Christmas gifts...), consider doing so in that time window. The surge is primarily for "Summa Elvetica" but we'll watch the Amazon rankings for all three MLP novels.

...I'd like to sweeten the deal by offering free e-book products to anyone who purchases during that window. If you purchase one or more MLP novels during the surge, e-mail me proof of that purchase and I'll send you information about how you can download your gift.

Buy 1 MLP novel during that time and get your choice of one of my $4.99 e-books for free: either the new screen saver or "Into the Breach: The Marcher Lord in History." Buy 2 or more MLP novels (or 2 or more copies of the same one) during that time and get your choice of one of my $14.99 or $15.00 e-books for free: either "A Marcher Lord Gallery" or "Character Creation for the Plot-First Novelist."

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And if you are a reader of REALMS OF FANTASY, maybe you can write a review or start a discussion HERE.

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Suzan Robertson said...

I'm in!

I hope MLP does well!