Monday, November 17, 2008

Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour: John Olson's SHADE

A new month, a new blog tour, a new novel. This month's featured bit of SF is John B. Olson's Shade .

If you like modern and scary, this blog tour offering should be up your alley--contemporary and creepy.

Here's a taste of how the book opens:


A moonlit night. Silver-frosted shadows frozen in the stillness of an early Minnesota fall. A weathered farmhouse looms over a fog-cloaked bog, leaking soft candlelight from a second-story window. Flickering silhouettes beat against the window panes. Clacks and sharp cries, injecting the silence with echoes of
ringing pain.

Rising out of the mist, a dark shadow rolls through the clearing. Blotting out the farmhouse. Obscuring the moon.

“Recite the Gateway Prophecy. Now!” A hooded man swung a staff in a sweeping arc toward a young boy’s face.

“‘The ancient enemy’”—the boy ducked and hopped backward on feet bound together with new hemp rope—“‘in the last dark days of hunt shall rise up to destroy the Standing.’” The boy twisted his staff upward, deflecting the next blow in one fluid motion that circled his staff beneath his master’s defense.

“‘Only the long-awaited shall stand.’”

The man sprang back, spun around, and swept at the boy’s feet. But the boy leaped into the air even as he brought his staff down on the man’s shoulder, pulling back on the blow an instant before impact.

“Good!” The old man smiled against the strain of another swing.

“‘By becoming the enemy, he shall shield the world from the enemy’s dark—’” The boy flinched, just managing to parry the next blow. He shuddered as a cold shiver crawled up his spine. Something . . . something dark . . . touched his mind like a foul stench.

Read all the excerpt HERE---

Visit John Olson's site HERE.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I could be wrong, but I think this one is right up your alley, Mir. Urban, supernatural, dark. Gritty.

Anyway, it's good to have you touring again.