Monday, October 06, 2008

Gimme more FRINGE, speed up SANCTUARY, and stifle a PRIMEVAL yawn

So, a few new TV shows for lovers of SF. I had been looking forward to FRINGE for months now, not that long for SANCTUARY. PRIMEVAL has been showing for weeks now on BBC-America.

FRINGE: Hubby and I are officially hooked. While it really is like X-Files light, the "mad" scientist dad is reason enough for me to watch. My fave character of the show and the new season, period. The show wouldn't be half as cool without him. If they could put uptight Sheldon of THE BIG BANG THEORY with Mad Doc as his new roommate, I would be most happy. I also appreciate seeing Blair Brown doing her P.R. thing for Massive Dynamics. She's a terrific actress and she doesn't look plastic surgery-ed up to the max. She's also got a nice air of genteel menace. Me likey.

SANCTUARY: ZzzzzZZzzzz. Twice I tried to get through the two-hour pilot. The pacing would make a snail proud. They would have been better off with a one hour pilot sans the ponderous air. The show needs pizzazz. But it's nice to see the Geico Caveman get a chance to butle. (Okay, so it's supposed to be Big Foot. Doesn't seem hairy enough or big enough. Should have just let him be a de-iced caveman.) I might give it one more shot, and if it loses my attention once more, then it's bye-bye.

PRIMEVAL: We're done. After the first few ones, I got tired of the "primitive Earth creature of the week" format. It's too much like those crappy "monster critter" flicks that Sci-Fi channel foists on us with frightening regularity, only with better acting and charming accents. I really wanted it to grab me--Doug Henshall is likable, and a couple of the supporting actors are appealing--but it got old on me fast. I don't want to watch supposedly brilliant folks run after ancient animals. I want more brainy stuff than that--and smarter villains. Maybe it'll get better. But I haven't watched in a couple weeks, and I don't miss it.

Now, gotta wait until January for DOLLHOUSE by Whedon. While I'm not thrilled he picked Eliza Dushku for the lead--come on, has she been good at anything since she was Faith? And even at that, her acting was hardly the best--it'll be nice to see Amy "Fred" Acker again. (I miss Buffy/Angel. Sniff.)

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UKSteve said...

I'm pretty sure I warned you about Primeval! ;)

Fringe just started yesterday here, but I think I'm gonna be hooked too.

I caught the odd episode of Tru Calling, seemed intriguing, but it did kinda make me miss Faith...

nissa-amas-katoj said...

Yes, Primeval sucks. Haven't heard of the other shows so I think there on channels I don't get.

I watch BBC America a lot because of Doctor Who and its spin-off, Torchwood, which I like, except for the fact that Torchwood has too much sex and not enough violence :).

I'm looking forward to Trueblood, based on the Charlaine Harris vampire books. Mind you, I don't know why I'm looking forward when I don't get HBO! I'm thinking of buying it on DVD when it comes out, I guess.

Mirtika said...

Nissa! Yeah, Torchwood's omnisexuality smoochfest got super annoying. I didn't watch much of the last season. Doctor Who still rocks after, how many new seasons of the "NEW" Who? Me love David Tenant!

Nice to see you.


SolShine7 said...

I really like Fringe! Joshua Jackson looks cute with the scruffy facial hair. But I'd have to say the "crazy" father is my least favorite character.

Now I eagerly await Dollhouse. I'm glad he picked Eliza Dushku as the star. She was great in Bring it On! and the short-lived Tru Calling.

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