Friday, August 29, 2008

Freshening up the blog...

I'm hoping to get back to blogging here with a tad more regularity, so I asked the talented Hanna Sandvig (one of the CSFF Blog Tour regulars and a bona fide artist)to give me a new look.

I'm still working on updating stuff on the sidebar (you'll see that some areas have double headers for a time), but I hope you think this looks cool.

I do. :)

If you've changed links in the last year, drop me a line so I can fix it on my sidebar.

Thanks, Hanna.

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heather said...

Love, love, love this look! It reminds me of the wanderings of my mind (except in my mind, I too have wings--translucent plum with glittery silver edges).

Selena said...

Welcome back!

I LOVE the new look. Very cool.

Hope hurricane season is treating you kindly.

Carmen Andres said...

great look - and i'm glad you're back!!!!

Mirtika said...

Thanks, Heather, Selena, and Carmen.

It's amazing how quickly the months pass and you realize, Um, I totally don't know what's going on with my online peops.

Muah to all.

Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

Love the new look - great job, Hanna!

Susan said...

I just found you, rambling through the web in search of Christian-fantasy writing information (yeah, me too...!). I'm in love with how it looks (as you've asked LOL), and enjoyed reading; I'll be back again soon.
Happy writing by the way!

Tia Nevitt said...

I like it! Welcome back!

rebeccagrabill said...

Adorable! I love it.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

TOTALLY LOVE this new design!

the link you have for me... my blog is just my name now, not the Heather's new Journey thing. thanks!