Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Want to get more MPG? Become a hypermiler!

You don't have to own a hybrid to get good gas mileage. You can use use fuel-stretching techniques--like going the speed limit, keeping your car tuned, maintaining proper tire pressure, coasting to a stop, not leadfooting, avoid excessive idling, etc--to save $$$:

Wayne Gerdes, founder of cleanmpg.com and the king of hypermilers, recently drove a Honda Civic hybrid 800 miles from Chicago to New York on a single tank of gas. That works out to 65 mpg.

That's low for Darin Cosgrove of Brockville, Ontario. The co-founder of ecomodder.com averages 69 mpg in his 1998 Geo Metro, a car that got 40 mpg off the showroom floor. He's gotten as many as 133 mpg on a long trip by going slowly and using pulse and glide. He's also modified his car to make it more aerodynamic and tinkered with the drivetrain to improve efficiency.

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And it's noticeable on the major roadways down here in South Florida that the high cost of gas has forced folks to cut down on unnecessary driving. That's not a bad thing.

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UKSteve said...

I am reliably informed that the equivalent average price of petrol in these parts is $8.83 per gallon.

How does that compare to your 'high cost of gas', eh? Eh?