Friday, June 27, 2008

A Non-Doctor Who Novel for Doctor Who Fans?

Yep. That's what British Summertime sounds like, and UKSteve, this blog's fave Brit, recommends it:

Dan Dare, Doctor Who, time travel, an alternate idealised Christian Earth, angels, pop stars, chipshopness, disembodied heads, interstellar war, and some icky bits with a hand drill. Something for everyone (at least, everyone likely to be reading this blog).

I'm shopping carting it at just on the basis that the author wrote the story upon which a couple of my fave Doctor Who episodes (the two-parter Human Nature/Family of Blood) were based. If you haven't seen those, Netflix em! Amnesia, romance, danger. The Doctor's revenge is dread, indeed. But oddly just in its dread.

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