Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some sort of tranquility...

has come to our household. Hubby accepted--at last!--a job offer.

He'll now be part of the team of muy smart folks working on those nifty smart phones called Blackberrys.

We won't have to move: it's local.

Now, maybe, I can get back to reading and writing, as I've done precious little of either for months and months. Oh, and back to weight watching. Although it's been up in the nineties here, so walking out there any time the sun is out is not a pleasant prospect.

That move to Seattle seems tempting in retrospect when one is sweating like a wee piggie in the subtropical almost-summer sun. And preparing for hurricane season. :O

I've come to accept that I may have to hire this lady to help me with my neurotic hoarding/clutter issues. Yes, it's that bad. If I died, it would take them weeks to find me under all these books and magazines.


Suzan said...

So glad you are settling in again and hubby got a job. You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great news, Mir! Though I must say, it would have been nice to have you on the West Coast. ;-)

And that clutter? I could get caught in that, except I live in such a small place. So I started making small donations--taking a handful of books to my church library weeks on end. That's helped. Still more to do.


Mirtika said...

Thanks, Suz and Becky.

And yeah, a little at a time, unless I get a team of beefy folks to come and haul stuff away and be heedless to my weeping and wailing. :D


Carmen Andres said...

i'm glad you're sticking in miami - i kinda like saying i kinda know someone down there :P and, come on, hurricanes just make life all the more exciting!

Valerie Comer said...

Hey Mir, glad to hear your hubby has a new local job--so does mine, so I can sympathize with you on this one! Are you a fan of

Daniel Ausema said...

Great news, Mir! (I haven't been much of an online presence recently, so I missed the job loss drama, but so glad you made it through that and can look forward to a bit more certainty.)