Thursday, May 22, 2008

On husbands and masterpieces

Was visiting DGD's blog after a long absence--go see his fun and silly Renaissance Faire pics-- and came across this familiar physique:

My husband looked a lot like that when we got married. (Very nearly that white, too!) I remember thinking of him as an updated David in those salad days. His naked legs alone could've made a batallion of ladies swoon. That was 25 years ago come June 11th. Neither of us looks like we did way back when, but he still looks pretty nice in the buff. Lucky me.

(He's gonna kill me for saying that.)

Me, these days I look like a Botero. :-/

1 comment:

Tia Nevitt said...

You are too cruel to yourself. My mental picture of you is very sleek and slender!

How very sweet of you to say that your husband is still so buff! My husband has been working on his buffness, and I complemented him today on it while looking across at him during lunch.