Monday, May 19, 2008

MINDFLIGHTS Magazine on the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

Wow, it's really, really easy to get out of the blogging habit. It's been a month plus since I dropped in.

(Special "muahs" to all who left encouraging comments and sent kind emails, to which I'm very tardy replying!)

But, of course, as one of the editors on staff at MINDFLIGHTS (though I've taken a break there as well as here), I had to come out of hiatus to join the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour promoting our wee webzine of Christian-friendly to Christian SF.

Those of you who used to regularly read this blog or who knew me from assorted fora where I blathered, well, you're probably well aware that I used to volunteer at another Double-Edged Publishing publication: Dragons, Knights and Angels (DKA). Also did (and plan to do again) poetry editing for their FEAR AND TREMBLING magazine of suspense and horror. I also benefitted from the contests at THE SWORD REVIEW, the most popular of the previous DEP magazines.

MINDFLIGHTS is the creative effort born from the merging of two previous DEP SF-specific magazines. (The Sword Review and DKA).

At DKA and TSR we offered pay (though quite, quite modest) to fiction and poetry contributors. Still, being free online publications reliant on donations (mainly from staff, frankly) and whatever revenues ads brought in made (and makes) things a bit tough, budget-wise. It seemed best to become more efficient with our resources. With three SF magazines in the stable, we realized we could be better stewards of what we had by consolidating of our two most popular mags at DEP. (Popularity assessed via readership stats/site hits).

Hence, the new creation which is the subject of this blog tour.

Our long-term goal is to one day pay semi-pro to pro rates. For now, we simply want to offer some remuneration to our kind and gifted contributors while we continually seek good quality SF for all readers, but especially those with a Christian worldview. We also seek to nurture some student writers and poets, mainly by giving them feedback when they submit and by publishing them when we see fledgling talent poised to grow and take flight.

MINDFLIGHTS is not exclusively Christian SF the way DKA was. Some may be disappointed by that. But I think you will see our vision is Christ-honoring. Read our Vision Statement to get an idea of how we view our mission. Here are the opening paragraphs of that statement:

All flights have a destination. Mindflights' journeys are speculative, and our ultimate destination is truth.

We believe some truths are universal. Some truths are there for all persons to find through observation and pondering, with inquiry or with introspection, with stillness or with debate. Other truths must be sought, hunted, and they are more difficult to capture. Both can inspire stories and poems.

Here at MindFlights, many of us believe the ultimate truth resides in the person of Jesus Christ, who as Savior embraces us with eternal life, and as Lord asks that we give ourselves over to service, to love, to purity, and to a greater purpose. Our faith is a thing that asks us to fly beyond earth and take others with us as we journey upwards. As such, we will actively seek and happily offer stories and poems that display this world view, whether overtly or subtly or someplace in between.

But we are not isolationists. We don't bar the door to the skeptic, or the seeker who hasn't found, or the one who has an allegiance to a different set of doctrines. Our faith says the door should be open for all who want to befriend us. Hospitality is an early and enduring virtue in Christendom. Therefore, we want to offer broader visions of truth. While contributors need not be Christian, familiarity with compatible values will increase the likelihood that your submission will fit.

This is an introductory post, and I'll get more into the magazine's content and how you can be a part of our vision in subsequent posts.

For now, visit MINDFLIGHTS, enjoy "Voyager," the artwork by Victoria Zamudio that is featured in our current front page, and browse what our magazine has to offer the reader of SF, Christian or otherwise.

Catch you tomorrow!

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Suzan said...

Good to see you back. I've been thinking about you.

heather said...

Good to hear from you, if only for a moment before you fly off to another land again.

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Miritka,

As a writer of speculative fiction, and a fan of short stories, I've been a big fan of all of DEP's efforts.

I was encouraged to read you're goal for eventually paying semi-pro, then pro rates. I hope this goal eventually becomes a reality.

If you have time, go check out my site. I brainstormed some ideas that might possibly be helpful.

Somehow, we've got to find a way to elevate a Christian speculative fiction magazine so that it can have a wider reading audience. Homeschooling, Christian bookstores...

It boggles my mind that there isn't a single christian short story magazine in bookstores. That needs to change.