Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour: MINDFLIGHTS MAGAZINE

Okey doke. I'm back. Thanks to all of the bloggers giving a nice shout-out for MINDFLIGHTS this month. Please remember to only use minimal excerpts (very short on poems, be ultra careful on haiku, very brief bits of stories, and give attribution for everything, please. Give props to the creative folks!) My gratitude is genuine. :)

We're into May now at MINDFLIGHTS. Our first issue debuted January of this year. Our art that issue was "The Sentinal" by Karl Eschenbach--digital, a winged creature and a background of infinite sky--which made us think of flights, potential, freshness, wonder, beauty, power, and all sorts of things we want for the works we offer.

A poem, fittingly entitled "In the Beginning" by David Siegel Bernstein, PhD, began thusly:

Once upon a time,
there was no time,
or even a

Which, is a pretty cool opening.

"In the beginning, God created..." Now, we create, and that's what MINDFLIGHTS is about. We publish poetry, short fiction (short stories novelettes), and will consider longer works under very limited circumstances (see our guidelines for when you need to query).

The longest work we have published is a serialized novel by by Jane Lebak, a surname pronounced to sorta rhyme with "fleabag", as per the author herself, who is certainly not flea-ish or baggish in any way. :) If you like angel stories, check out SEVEN ARCHANGELS--ANNIHILATION:

All angels have known since their creation that they cannot be killed—but now Satan is convinced the impossible can be done. Demons abduct and are able to tear apart the Archangel Gabriel's soul, leaving Heaven in stunned grief. If angels can be killed, where is God's justice?

Can Gabriel be saved from the void? How can Satan be prevented from achieving a final victory against God?

The book is available from Amazon.com. See the link at the bottom of this blog post.

Issue 2 had a poem that I'm very fond of by Joshua Gage, "The Illuminator." It introduced me to a term I had to look up. See if you can spot it in the opening lines:

Candles perch like angels
beating back the night
with triumphant wings. The scribe
begins his work. “Formavit”
sprouts leaves beneath his quill,
the Bernacae,

(Take note that the contents of online issue 1 differs from the contents of the published issue of MindFlights 1 available from Lulu.com. Editors discuss and vote on what to include in the hard copy version.)

Issue 3 online had one of my fave bits of art that has come our way this year: Marge Simon's "The Gatherers." It even inspired me to write a poem--which is still in draft form. You can check it out here. (The artwork, not my poem.) It's got a very cooly retro feel, like some of my vintage sci-fi publications.

We were also fortunate in the April issue to get THIS nifty bit of art from Michelle J. A. McIntyre, an artist who has big fans among us on the staff. That issue also featured an interview with a Christian fantasy author well-known to our CSF community, Bryan Davis. One of my fave Christian speculative poets, John Kuhn, adds one of his poems to that issue. One that rhymes, even. :)

That's all for today.

Tomorrow: Current issue and contest announcement. And how YOU can help.

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rebeccagrabill said...

So so so good to see you posting again - hope all is well. Wish I had time/presence of mind to participate more in this tour, but I'll just say there's some incredible talent in Mindflights. Well worth reading.