Thursday, March 06, 2008

Worth Reading in "Heated" Times

NY Climate Conference: Journey to the Center of Warming Sanity

The IPCC report is here.

Hubby and I have been trying to be greener, reduce our footprint, so to speak, partially to be good citizens, partially as a conviction that being excessive in consumption is actually not a virtue in the Christian sense. Stewardship of the planet is a God-given mandate, and we should ponder how to be better stewards, if not obsessively and compulsively, at least with some intent and action. We pay more to support local organic farmers. We pay more to use non-toxic ways to eliminate pests, weeds, and diseases from our lawn, shrubs, and trees. We try not to water, letting things brown a bit, if needed. Less aesthetic, but, hey, water is scarce down here. When we can gather the moolah (after more urgent repairs and renovations), I'd like to xeroscape to eliminate the need for extra water. I'd like to see our local government facilitate comprehensive recycling.

But I am not convinced that the political agenda has not overwhelmed the press and some scientific judgment. Obviously, warming is the trend. But it may be a trend mostlly out of human culpability (again, look at the info about warming throughout the solar system). Is it a correction from the little ice age? Has it been warmer in the past and we are on a normal cyclic upswing? Is there some cosmic phenomenon that we simply haven't figured out? Some natural, non-human factor on top of the greenhouse gasses we put out in our industrialized acceleration and auto-dependence?

I dunno. But these are questions that need to be asked, because if making radical changes brings only negligible temperature correction to less heat (if correction is even possible), the price to humans may not be worth it if it means devastating economies and encouraging, as one global leader said was necessary, more poverty and slowing population growth (which, given the urgent tone, I guess would involve some Draconian measures, not simply asking nicely.)

At minimum, let the debate continue, and the skeptics be heard and not ridiculed outright, even as we all examine how we can consume less and protect the land and water and our neighbors more.

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Suzan said...

Hi Mir,

I don't know all the ins and outs on the global warming thing, but I still try to be a good steward.We live in a small space and I drive a small very used car. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. I buy organic and local as much as possible, and I use only natural, non toxic cleaning products and personal care products, not only because of my extreme chemical sensitivity, but to lessen the toxic environmental burden. I still need to show improvement in some areas, of course.

I believe that God gave us this beautiful earth and we should respect His creation.There's nothing "new agey" about that. More Christians should think about doing this, regardless of the earth's temperature.