Saturday, March 15, 2008

Been Sick & "Green" Toilet Paper

I caught some germie from hubby a couple weeks ago. I'm still battling it. When anything gets into my upper respiratory, it's a big fight. The asthma, as expected, got nasty. My voice is all hoarse and funky, and I'm gaspy like a fish out of water. How attractive is that?

Prayers welcome, as I'm really tired of this bug and clearing sticky mucus out of my pipes.

On to the TP: In the continuing quest for greenness in my home, I've been purchasing/using Seventh Generation t.p. I'm not wild about it. After years of being spoiled by Charmin and Angel Soft and such, this is just not up to the softness level one has come to expect. But, oh, well. I can live with it, just not with bathroomy joy.

I did go online to see if there was another recycled tp that was recommended by consumers as 1. soft and 2. safe for septic systems and 3. good with low-flow toilets. While I haven't settled on anything else yet, I did get a kick out of this, a product with a totally snarf-inducing name:

Oh, just click.

If they had it in my local organics store, I'd try it. Come on, how would you love to have company see that brand name in your bathroom? ; )


Suzan said...

If you have a Whole Foods near you, try their generic store brand, 365. It's pretty good. There's another one called "Green Forest," but the rolls are small and don't last long.


Mirtika said...

I have "Green Forest" in my delicious organics shopping cart (I get my stuff delivered mostly). It got a nice review at some site, so I thought I'd try. I'll give the 365 a shot, too. :) THANKS.