Thursday, February 28, 2008

What I'm Writing To: Darkfield Illuminator & Saviour Machine

Y'all know there's a touch of the Goth Girl in The Mir.

I am finally writing again. My brain is back. I was able to resume my editing duties at MindFlights, and, as of Monday, I've been writing again. It's nice. I missed it, missed being able to put thoughts adn words together in a creative way, hated being unable to think of metaphors, plot, story people, story complications. Nada. The depression episodes of 2007 just zapped me into the creative doldrums. An ugly place. I wouldn't wish it on ya.

So, feeling good but listening to melancholy-tinged tunes. I'm wired that way.

I'm writing to a Gothy background music. My latest discovery: Darkfield Illuninated's GLIMMER. The album may be from 2005, but it's new to me. If you wanna sample a bit of Industrial Dance/touched by doom metal/edged with Christian Gothiness, have a listen.

And if you liked that, visit with Savior Machine. Maybe try "Carnival of Souls." Or "Rapture: The Seventh Seal" Godly Gothyness!

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