Friday, February 01, 2008

A Stye and a Pie

Good news, bad news.

Bad first: I hadn't had an eye stye in ages. But, well, looks like I got two of em. It will be warm compresses round here for a few days, I guess. I wonder if it's cause I haven't really done consistent eye scrubbing since the surgery, very lightly splashing or washing eyes gently with Cetaphil every few days to avoid rubbing (which was nixed for a month, minimum). Could be. Dunno.

Good: Glaser Organics Mamey Mango Raw Fruit Pie. I bought one of these on a whim, cause the color of the filling was so mamey-gorgeous. (If you've never had mamey, it's a fruit we Cubans use a lot for smoothies. We also call it sapote. It has a very deep orange color with a hink of pinkiness, sort of like sweet potato only brighter and pinkier in its orangeyness. (see pic left) The texture is creamy, like, um, avocadoish?)

Anyway, bought the pie at Whole Foods and was totally taken by surprise at how scrumptious it is, considering it's not even baked or anything. Just fruits (mamey, mango, bananas, supersweet golden pineapple, kiwi, dates, orange juice) and nuts (almond, walnuts, pecans, coconut) and spices for the crust. The use of coconut is genius. Dang. Good. Yum. Want more.

This from wikipedia on mamey:

The Mamey is the cornerstone of Cuban holistic medicine. It is used extensively as a veritable panacea for gastro-intestinal maladies. In southern Cuba, the mamey is also used to treat headaches and venereal diseases. There are numerous accounts of the Mamey being used as an antiseptic during the Spanish-American War.

I wish my mom was alive to try the mamey raw fruit pie. Mmm.


CaroleMcDonnell said...

In heaven, i'm sure they have the best mameys. Maybe it's a food fetich of mine but I always think about the great feast in heaven and what foods are there...and if my mother will be cooking some jamaican goodies for the big fiesta.

She probably is...she always wanted to open a Jamaican restaurant.


Carmen Andres said...

gosh, mir! one thing after another. and you still see the silver lining. you're an inspiration :)

btw, if you get bored, i "tagged" you.