Thursday, February 07, 2008

Requesting Prayers for Chad

"We did not expect things to happen this quickly," said Levourne Passiri, World Vision's National Director in Chad. "I fear that the entire capital could be destroyed. There is already much human and economic damage. Many civilians have been killed."
--from World Vision

Got the above in an email today. I have a sponsored child in Chad, Florence Obikem. Naturally, it concerns me anytime there is upheaval in the countries where I have sponsored kids (Chad, Mozambique). So, when you're at your prayers this week, please place your petition for this beleaguered nation, along with Kenya and the Sudan and others, before the Lord.

And if you can donate, please do so.


An escalated conflict in Chad would be disastrous for Africa, plunging neighboring countries into internal conflict and likely creating an explosive situation detrimental to the region's fragile stability.

With tensions increasing between the leaders of Chad and Sudan due to accusations that each is aiding rebel forces against the other, mediation is essential.
--from JPost.Com article "Analysis: Power, corruption and poverty fuel Chad coup attempt"

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