Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mir's Hubby is "Electrippin"

The sweetest, handsomest man on earth, aka my hubby, now has his first electronica cd both at itunes and rhapsody.com: Electrippin

Some tunes were clearly Biblically inspired: "Psalm 71"; "Prophesee"; "Good Versus Evil." Less obviously Bible-related is "Dance of the Giants", which actually began with some concept of Salome and then moved over to, what, Goliath, I guess? (I'll have to ask hubby.)

You can sample the electronica/dance tunes at the above-mentioned sites, as well as at his ShoutLife page and his MySpace one.

He also recently won the Big Yellow Hand mosh voting at acidplanet.com for a newer work, "Offhand Remarks." (One of my fave of his compositions, actually, and The Mir's body loves to mooooove to it. Neat cymbals partway in and a videogame slash anime vibe. Nice pulsations in last third.) It's so cool when he gets positive remarks from folks globally. He's got a fan in Switzerland. :D (mmmm chocolate. mmmmm cheese.)

Hubby's been searching DeviantArt and other sites for pro bono or very cheaply acquired artwork for cd #2. Electrippin has a graphic hubby made himself .(He didn't take my suggestion to add yellow highlights in the actual grid. Humph.)

As we've both been enjoying America's Best Dance Crew (the American Idol-like spin-off with hip-hop dancing), I asked him to create one that Kaba Modern could dance to, with a big change-up of tempo mid-way and some interesting details for a team with such precision moves. (Love dat team, as well as our local Miami one, Live in Color.) Can't wait to hear what that's gonna be like. I hope it's got a nice Latin edge. Natch.

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CaroleMcDonnell said...

Gosh, i love music! Congrats to your hubby! Off to listen to his myspace. -C