Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Still Catching Up--Fantasy Magazine

As my regular readers from last year might recall, I was vexed that I wasn't getting my FANTASY magazines in the orderly, seasonal schedule.

Dealing with my depressive episode got me behind on everything--reading, writing, home repairs, dental appointments (ugh), LIFE.

As part of the "behind" on my reading and internet updates, I missed the switch of FANTASY to an online magazine. A free online magazine.

I paid 20 bucks for a four-issue sub and I got two issues. And, okay... frustrating!

Still, it's nice to see another fantasy site up with quality stuff for those who enjoy dark fantasy. Check it out: FANTASY

They have a a submissions guidelines page up (semi-pro rates), and they have a cool Friday thing where you can submit a piece that's fantasy related. Same day, they pick the most entertaining post. One winner gets $10 into their Paypal account. Sounds like fun.

BTW, I like the online move. Saves me more clutter to my already chaotic magazine-and-book-stuffed home. Saves trees. Saves ink. Etc. I subscribe to BAEN'S and I edit at two online mags. So, I'm definitely an advocate of the e-ventures in literature.

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