Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fabulous Instructors for Clarion 2008

Man. Makes my mouth water just looking at the instructional line-up of writers-in-residence for the Clarion Workshop this year:

Kelly Link
James Patrick Kelly
Mary Anne Mohanraj
Neil Gaiman
Nalo Hopkinson
Geoff Ryman

Man. I'd be drooling on myself were I attending seminars with Kelly, Nalo and Neil, and the others are tempting, too. Of course, you'd have to get me off the floor from the shock that they accepted me to begin with.

If you want the lowdown on this year's Clarion, goeth here.

I made a small donation to sponsor scholarships last year--and I mean SMALL--but with the belt-tightening going on in The Mir's household, alas, not this year.

Well, unless I, like, you know, inherit a fortune from a long-estranged eccentric relative. Or hit the lottery. (I'd sort of have to actually play the lottery, but, well, okay...) Should such come to pass, I'll just go myself and take one or two of my SF-writing pals with me! Heh.



Josh said...

Would so love to go. But the monies? They do not love me. Plus, I'm not sure I'd be able to take a six-week bite out of my schedule.

Selena said...

Wow. It looks so cool. Any idea how much it costs? Besides the $40 application fee.

Of course, getting accepted into the program is probably a lot harder than coming up with the money. But I was just curious. (A girl can dream, right?) I couldn't find a number anywhere on the site. But I guess it must be expensive if the scholarships range from $100-1500.