Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cool! WIND FOLLOWER Gets the Academic/ Feminist Treatment

It's no secret I loved Carole McDonnell's WIND FOLLOWER.

Well, the book is being taken seriously enough to get academic feminists interested:

In fact, the book is seen as so unusual that a noted feminist, atheist academic will be presenting a paper on it at Swancon, an academic conference on Speculative Fiction...and at Wiscon, the feminist, alternative annual speculative conference. Check out the title of her paper: Out Of Egypt: The Palimpsest Of Speculative And Other Fiction(S) In Carole Mcdonnell’s Wind Follower. She sees Wind Follower as a book which innovately deals with and plays with different kinds of genres including slave narrative, romance, missionary testimony, high romance, interracial romance. But then again, she's an academic and secular -- therefore well-read-- and understands what I was trying to do.
--from "arguing with a reviewer" at Dark Parables

I hope Carole gets permission to pass the paper on to her buddies. Or the scholar uploads it. I wanna read it.

I wish I had thought to use the word "palimpsest" about Carole's book. It's really appropriate considering what she does with times and places and races in her novel.


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Mir: I have never quite understood how to use palimpsest well. Maybe now i'll know.

Yep, i argued with a reviewer. My editor says that shows immaturity. YEs it does...but dang, i have never hidden my immaturity.

Should i hide it, you think? Thanks for the mention.

heather said...

I love seeing Christians getting nonChristians talking with their art.

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Hi Heather:

Well, I won't be travelling to Syndey or to Wiscon to hear her paper but she has told me what she will probably be saying. Some very very good stuff...and some very very well....other stuff.

Heck, she's a feminist and an atheist and they see the world while she does honor my creativity in much of the paper, I have no doubt, my love of the patriarchal Christian God will definitely be seen in some circles --and Wiscon and Swancon definitely is not quite my circle-- as a challenge.

The thing is that I am a person of color who is a Christian. And people of Color who are Christians definitely don't fit into any one category. Oftentimes the People of Color have had it up to here with Christianity which they equate with western racist imperialism. Or we are paired with feminist and non-heterosexual causes. And the Christian world unfortunately doesn't exactly claim us.

Anyway, it's a blessing whatever she says. People will know about the book. She's very intelligent so it's not like it's some unknowledgeable racist person judging the book. Although, she does have issues against God. Will see how it turns out. -C