Saturday, February 23, 2008

Christian SF: Podcast with Bill
and Selena of MINDFLIGHTS

DEP honcho man Bill Snodgrass and MindFlights managing editor Selena Thomason speak up in a podcast over at The Writing Cast, which describes the podcast thusly:
Selena and Bill share their thoughts on Christian-friendly science fiction and fantasy and the process of becoming a writer. They also give us the editor’s viewpoint on the matter of publication.

Listen up here.

As far as our current editorial needs: We need illustrations for our upcoming covers. Payment is MINIMAL, but if you do science fiction or fantasy art and want a credit, consider submitting something that fits our guidelines/feel/tone.

We also could use good Christian-friendly SF poems (ie, nothing graphic, too violent, too sexual, nothing blasphemous or anti-Christian). Read MindFlights and previously published poems from The Sword Review and Dragons, Knights & Angels to see what we've enjoyed in the past. I am always on the lookout for short form poems with killer metaphors and concepts, but the magazine accepts all forms (rhyming, non-rhyming, free verse, sonnets, scifaiku, etc) and long form poems (ie, longer than 49 lines).

We don't publish just spiritual poetry or Biblical historical poetry. Read the guidelines, okay?

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