Saturday, February 02, 2008

Build Your Own Anthology

I've been complaining to hubby for years that I'd like a service like this. Choose your stories. Let the book be created for you.

Even before iTunes, way back, I used to gripe about buying cds where maybe I liked one or two songs and that's all, how I'd rather compile my own cd with tunes of my choosing.

I haven't looked to see what selection they have, but I'm gonna be browsing around Anthology Builder. I already know that I can get several of Sam Henderson's nifty stories, including her excellent, "Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died."

One of my MindFlights fellow-editors, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, is listed. See #37 under the fantasy category: "Raven Song." Her "Dances With Crows" is number 61. I noted several stories by Cat Rambo and M.K. Hobson, too, in the fantasy list.

Browse by author or genre. Even by publication. Or look at recent stories.

You can choose your own cover art, too. Here's some of the fantasy art. I like this one lots. (pic left)

You get 350 pages of fiction of your choice for $14.95. (I'm guessing that's NOT including shipping. Think $20 bucks, prolly, total.) You choose title, cover, and stories. Not long as the selection is tempting enough.

I hope a lot more authors from SF participate. And Christian authors of short fiction, too.

If you have one made, why not post what you chose. Drop me a comment so I can go see.



Selena said...

Very cool. I want one.

I notice that a DKA story is available: "Dedication" by T. L. Morganfield.

Oh, and one from RGR.

What a great idea - a customizable anthology. Brilliant.

Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

Wow - awesome! (And the shipping is around $5 for media mail.) What a great opportunity for authors, especially if this idea takes off.

Daniel Ausema said...

I just added one of my reprints to their database as well (one that Keesa Renee du Pre reviewing for Tangent called "short but brilliant")... =)

I think it is a cool concept--I haven't browsed the database in too much detail yet, but I can definitely see myself creating an anthology now and then.