Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Belle Aerie--Airy Place for Artists

Hanna of Hanna's Life is Cool has done a beautiful job with her header illustrations and layout for Belle Aerie. I'm a fan of the young Hannalicious one, so you may have seen a couple of her works plugged here.

If you're into the artistic stuff, you may wish to join the community.

But even if, like me, you can't draw anything beyond a stick figure, do go by to enjoy the lovely artwork (click on sections to see more than the welcoming one). It's making me wanna watch some steampunky anime. :)

Here's the community's intro:

Belle Aerie is a forum meant to bring all kinds of art together. It's a community where people can post their work and get feedback from other artists, so that all can practice and improve.

As time passes, there will be constant themes to keep people practicing, contests to get them competing and struggling to improve, and events to get them working together. In addition, we'll have an area dedicated to creating and developing characters, to aid people in that area of art.

And, of course, there's an area dedicated to conversation about art or anything else, which will hopefully cultivate a friendly atmosphere, help us all make new friends and become a more tightly knit community.

Now, go ooooh at cute kitty:

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heather said...

I love how the Internet is providing more fun connections that we don't have in "real" life. I think it'll help to increase art and the quality of art merely by connecting people.
I added Belle Aerie to my Imaginative page. Thanks for the link!