Saturday, January 05, 2008

MINDFLIGHTS Debuts: Issue #1

MINDFLIGHTS has begun publication. Drop by to see the artwork for our first issue (Karl Eschenbach's "The Sentinel") and to read the start of a novel-in-serial-format by Jane LeBak (who is surely familiar to DKA readers).

Note: I've been MIA and may still lag a bit here. Health issues are assailing me (the eyes are fine, thank God, aside from growing used to reading glasses), and my energy levels are down to the ground. So, really, blogging has no allure at the moment, and neither does reading. (How shocking is that? It is to me, and I typed it!)

Prayers welcome, of course for the success of MINDFLIGHTS and my own health. THANKS. and...HAPPY NEW YEAR!


nissa-loves-cats said...

Hi Mirtika,
I dropped by 'Mindflights' and read that novel in serial format thing, it's great! Hope you are feeling better.

greetings from 'nissa-loves-cats' and her 30 *gasp!* barn cats.
(My barn cats are in favor of the culture of life. Neutering is in progress.)

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Am saying a prayer for you. -C

Anonymous said...

I've missed you Mir. I've missed annoying you. Nothing wrong with a hiatus. Nothing wrong with not reading. I kind of hate the thought of your not writing though.


SolShine7 said...

Take care.

UKSteve said...

Hey Mir, hope you're improving.

Sending happy thoughts across the ocean!


Selena said...

I miss Mir.

Christopher Hopper said...


We've been praying for you, ever since Wayne Batson introduced me to you online. The Lord's hand upon you...

So excited to hear about MindFlights! Not sure how I missed that, but the cover looks great and the website even better. Going to link to it on my site.

Lastly, who did that marvelous drawing of your face? I love it! I want one!


Brandon Barr said...

Hi Mir,

I'm looking forward to the future of Mindflights. It's like to empires joining forces. I hope it really makes a presence in the market!