Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Red For Women on Friday

My blog is definitely the right color for Go Red For Women Day. And I have half a dozen pairs of red shoes--including my red Grasshoppers, see pic left--two dozen plus red lipsticks, and another two dozen or so red nail polishes at hand, not to mention several red tops. (See my Medieval Faire Holy Clothing top below right. Got it on eBay.) I'm set!

Are you ready to go RED?

In case you hadn't heard, February 1 (Friday) is GO RED FOR WOMEN DAY. It's one of those "raise awareness" things. But much better than ribbons and cheapo looking wristbands cause it's more flattering (for most of us, anyway).

Why is awareness-raising necessary? Behold:

Statistics indicate women's risk of breast cancer is trivial compared to their risk of heart disease. Forty-three percent of deaths in American women are due to cardiovascular disease, leaving women six times more likely to die of a heart attack than breast cancer. And a 2003 study by the American Heart Association found only 13 percent of women felt heart disease was their biggest health threat.

I'm at big risk. I have Metabolic Syndrome, have way way too many pounds on my frame, and I'm a couch and computer potato. So, when I wear red, I think I'll go for a walk and get my butt back in weight-lifting gear.

If you plan to go shopping Friday, wear red and you get 15% off at MACY'S. But before you head out, take the Go Red Heart Check-Up.

And for the very young woman-to-be in your family (or for the collector, or just for plain fun):

(She also comes in blond, but hey, the Mir ain't Nordic.)

And if you want to read an interesting book that is contrarian to the common guidelines, get a copy of this dense tome. I found it really intriguing, and if nothing else, it points to the need for a helluva lot more research on what is ultimately the best, heart-healthiest way of eating:

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