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"The late John Gardner said that a good story should unfold like a vivid and continuous dream. With Auralia's Colors, Jeffrey Overstreet has crafted just such a story, one that will leave readers ready to dream with him again."

- John Wilson, Editor, Books & Culture

The focus of the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour this first month of a new year is AURALIA'S COLORS, a novel by Jeffrey Overstreet, the first in a series called AURALIA'S THREAD.

The novel has been getting some great reviews from various places, including fellow tourmates. The Happy Catholic reviewed it back in September with this to say:

Author Jeffrey Overstreet gives credit to many recognized great authors for being his inspiration but I think it is fair to say that this is not derivative. He has crafted something completely new that shows us those old realities of which we all need to be reminded through art. Probably my highest tribute is to say that this book can be enjoyed by everyone, whether simply lovers of fiction or those who look for, as Overstreet says, "a glimmer of his [the Great Artist] glory in these pages." I eagerly look forward to the next installment of this trilogy.

So, who wrote this book getting great word

Behold the author:

JEFFREY OVERSTREET first read "The Hobbit" at age 7, and by age 10 he had read "The Lord of the Rings" several times. And he knew he wanted to grow up to write fantasy stories. Soon after meeting and interviewing the cast and crew of Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" (on assignment for, he was offered his first publishing contract...

Jeffrey will hold a reading on January 31 at Seattle-Pacific. If you're in the area, drop by. You can also run into him at the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing.

And, if you want a shot at a free copy of one of the following books in the series, suggest a name for one of the dread characters. If yours is chosen, the book is yours.

As for how to pronounce the heroine's name and what's next in the series begun by AURALIA'S COLORS:

FD: Can you give us a teaser about the next novel in The Auralia Thread, Cyndere's Midnight?

JO: Well, the series is called The Auralia Thread, and in the second, third, and fourth book we will get glimpses of life within the other cultures of the Expanse. And we'll see how Auralia's imaginative art continues to influence those who discover it.

The second book, Cyndere's Midnight, is about a creature called a "beastman" who discovers Auralia's colors. When he finds himself "stuck," so to speak, in the company of a grieving widow named Cyndere, a very unstable friendship develops. Meanwhile, the people of House Abascar are in trouble once again, and their survival depends on what happens between Cyndere and the beastman.

Oh, and in case anybody asks, "Cyndere" is pronounced like the word "cinder." And "Auralia" is pronounced "o-RAY-lee-uh."

Read an excerpt from the novel HERE.
See a map of The Expanse here.

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