Friday, January 25, 2008

Assorted Publishing Updates of
Interest to Christian Fiction Authors

Not anything radically new, but maybe of interest (and which I found while catching up on oodles of backlogged email). This round-up courtesy of Kelly Mortimer's January newsletter:

Jessica Alvarez is leaving Harlequin/Steeple Hill to freelance.
-Krista Stroever will return to Steeple Hill from maternity leave in mid-February.
-Nichole Argyres will return to St. Martin's from maternity leave in March.
-Lauren Marino is back at Gotham (Penguin) from maternity leave, but only for a couple of hours per day.
-Katie Day is leaving Penguin Praise for greener pastures.
-Anne Goldsmith now goes by her married name, Anne Horch.
-Kim Moore from Harvest House will now manage gift books, but will still acquire fiction. She won't edit as much non-fiction, but new editor Rod Morris will take up the slack, as well as acquiring fiction.
-Trace Murphy, Doubleday Religion's editor-in-chief, will also act as an associate publisher, and his assistant, Darya Porat will now be an assistant editor.
-Harper San Francisco is now HarperOne.

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