Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why The Mir's National Geographic Subscription Form Goes Into the Trash!

Thanks to Elliot for a link to THIS ARTICLE, which has convinced me not to subscribe to National Geographic. I had been tempted by the low price and free world map offer. (Yes, the world map is tempting, oh, so tempting.)


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Elliot said...

I think the trick is to cherry-pick-read OTHER people's National Geographics. I've been doing that lately and have been quite pleased with some of the articles and images. (Leopard seals, nanotech, lions, and a sympathetic look at Hutterites.) But they're certainly prone to the same publicity-seeking crap that any other magazine is. Maybe not as often, but it still happens.

And as I said in my post, the world already has too many tons of glossy N.G. magazines.